Sharebert x NerdOut Fortnite Summer Series




Sharebert and Jack Fox of NerdOut have joined forces to deliver the Royale Rumble Tournament Summer Series. They’re set to put on a 6-week long summer Fortnite tournament totaling $200,000 in prize money. With five championship events each crowning the champions with a $25,000 prize pool — the biggest ever in Fortnite tournament history — this event promises to bring out the stars of online gaming.

The event brackets feature more than six weeks of nonstop action for players of all levels. The talent will quickly rise to the top though, as the 128-team brackets for the $2k qualifiers will be diced down to 64 top teams for a $10k tournament semi-final before being slashed again to 32 top teams battling for the coveted $25,000 grand prize pool.

Oh, it’s going to make for some amazing content because sabotage [players killing other players in the same tournament to prevent them from scoring more] is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.” says Jack with an evil smirk on his face. When big players kill one another, and when big players are killed by unknown players it makes for viral clips, millions of views, and the meteoric rise of otherwise unknown players.

The NerdOut x Sharebert Royale Rumble Tournament is set to kick off July 20th with a $25,000 sabotage & highlight driven battle of the beasts. With many of the world’s top Fortnite talent already confirmed to compete, it’s going to be a hell of a show. “It’s going to be nuts.” says Ali Mahvan, CEO at Sharebert. “We’re really building something here that’s going to have next level production value. We have some awesome surprises for Fortnite fans, and are working with some really amazing sponsors to make this event the biggest thing this year”.

The Royale Rumble Tournament is expected to pull in 30 million viewers, most of it during the semi-final and finals events spanning across 10 dates. This isn’t the creators’ first rodeo either. June of last year NerdOut’s Anything Goes Tournament sponsored by Bebo (recently acquired by Twitch for $25M) was a single-day event that brought down 5 million in viewership, peaking at 340,000 live concurrent viewers. At one point, 40% of all users on Twitch was tuned in and glued to the tournament.

We’re doing things completely differently.” says Ali. “We’re bringing in outsiders and focusing on mainstream sponsors that will grow the gaming world exponentially. They’re not used to this amount of traffic at such a low cost either, so it’s win/win for the brands and for the fans.” It’s no secret that advertisers have quickly been taking note of the exponential growth occurring in the gaming community, but many brands have yet to venture into the waters. The gaming community is very tight knit and not usually welcoming to outsiders, but the team says they’re building authentic and natural experiences for fans that brands will love too.

Interested advertisers are encouraged to visit Sharebert Advertisers for more info and contact. Players can sign up for the first Royale Rumble $2,000 Qualifier happening Jul 31!