Sharebert Co-Founder Ali Mahvan featured in Inc. Magazine – 6 Ideas to Kick Off the New Year w...

Ali Mahvan Inc Magazine Feature

Sharebert Co-founder and CEO, Ali Mahvan, was featured in an Inc. Magazine article outlining his take on aligning with customer’s goals coming into the new year. An excerpt of his thoughts on helping consumers was simply put:

“Align with your customers’ goals.
“Many of your customers are pursuing their own transformations through New Year’s resolutions, whether they intend to get in better shape or make more of their time,” says Ali Mahvan, CEO and co-founder of mobile shopping app Sharebert. To make sure your company is staying top of mind, think about aligning your marketing efforts with the goals your customers are pursuing.

“Try to align with your customers’ goals and aspirations rather than your own. Be the coach that helps them run that extra quarter mile or free up extra family time each week. Be a branded go-to part of their goals,” suggests Mahvan.”

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