Sharebert CEO Ali Mahvan Shares ‘Secret Weapon’ for Success with Forbes

Ali Mahvan Inc. Magazine Feature

Forbes recently reached out to Sharebert CEO, Ali Mahvan to ask what he thinks is he secret weapon for success with his Sharebert app. Mahvan stated candidly that he believes the organization’s staff is the reason for the company’s rapid growth.

“Not enough people realize the importance of treating your staff as invaluable. If you felt replaceable, with no control over your next paycheck, would you come to work early with a smile on your face and do your best to perform? Hell no. You’d be looking for another job and trying to keep your head down.”, he said.

He went on to say that treating your employees and partners well would serve to grow any company,”Treat your employees like they make you everything you are, because in reality, they do. An organization is judged by its weakest individuals, not its strongest. How many times have you called Comcast customer service and thought, “Brian Roberts seems like a really nice guy?” It doesn’t happen. You blame the brand. I don’t agree with Simon Sinek on much, but he fully understands the employee-employer relationship from the employee’s perspective. Respect and love your team.”

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