How Apex Legends gained 50 million users in a month

In less than 30 days from launch, Apex Legends had pulled in over 50 Million players, and has been referred to as one of the “greatest game launches” of all time.

Tween from CEO of Respawn Games, creator of Apex Legends.

The launch was so big that mainstream media took notice.

‘Apex Legends’ Shatters ‘Fortnite’

‘Apex Legends’ Just Hit 50 Million Players

Apex Legends passes 50m Players in a Month

But how did they do it?

Strategic Partnerships

On the day Apex launched, some of the world’s most popular streamers, including Shroud, Ninja, and DrDisrespect, streamed it, helping the game to generate 1.6 million live viewers on day one. By the next day that number had quadrupled.