Sharebert CEO, Ali Mahvan talks business trends with Forbes.

Sharebert Chief Executive and co-founder, Ali Mahvan shared his insight with Forbes yesterday on business trends he thinks will shake up 2018.

What massive changes can we expect across all industries that affect our daily lives? The introduction of bitcoin, and similar crypto currencies was definitely one of most dramatic changes on 2017. So what major changes can we expect in 2018?

“There is absolutely no question that the market is exponentially moving to mobile-everything.”,Mahvan said.

“Mobile usage is up immensely and everyone is scrambling to catch up, especially retailers.”, he continued. This is especially noticeable in the rapid decline of major retailers like Macy’s and JC Penny, who are experiencing near record low numbers, and closing stores across the country.

“Although it may be obvious to some, there are still many brick and mortar business that refuse to believe that the internet is quickly becoming the primary means of business. The data is there to prove it. In 2012 approximately 11% of retail sales occurred on mobile devices. Fast forward to 2016 and 48% of consumers are reporting that its easier to shop on their mobile phones.”, he went on to say. But is there any way to avoid accidentally alienating customers?

“This is the modern equivalent of companies like Sears not foreseeing internet retail in the early 2000s. If you’re not offering customer-centric, fluid, cross-platform experiences for your customers, you are sure to lose.”

It seems that retailers aren’t quite adjusting fast enough to the rapidly changing way that consumers access information and commerce using the internet. Companies that make these adjustments and cater to the direction of the market are likely to see a surge in business over the next few years.

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Sharebert CEO Ali Mahvan Shares ‘Secret Weapon’ for Success with Forbes

Forbes recently reached out to Sharebert CEO, Ali Mahvan to ask what he thinks is he secret weapon for success with his Sharebert app. Mahvan stated candidly that he believes the organization’s staff is the reason for the company’s rapid growth.

“Not enough people realize the importance of treating your staff as invaluable. If you felt replaceable, with no control over your next paycheck, would you come to work early with a smile on your face and do your best to perform? Hell no. You’d be looking for another job and trying to keep your head down.”, he said.

He went on to say that treating your employees and partners well would serve to grow any company,”Treat your employees like they make you everything you are, because in reality, they do. An organization is judged by its weakest individuals, not its strongest. How many times have you called Comcast customer service and thought, “Brian Roberts seems like a really nice guy?” It doesn’t happen. You blame the brand. I don’t agree with Simon Sinek on much, but he fully understands the employee-employer relationship from the employee’s perspective. Respect and love your team.”

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Sharebert Founder Ali Mahvan in Forbes – Eight Entrepreneurial Mistakes You Don’t Have T...

Sharebert Co-founder Ali Mahvan knows a thing or two about avoiding pitfalls. He sat down with Forbes to help provide insight to new business owners starting out that may help them avoid getting stuck in the many voids of starting up. He focuses not on perfecting the initial product, but on moving forward and doing things quickly. He was quoted:

“Hire Fast And Effectively

Hire people and hire them fast. The amount of time you waste trying to figure things out on your own is immeasurable. It’s better to spend a little more now to get your project up and running than it is to save and wait. – Ali Mahvan, Sharebert CEO”

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Sharebert CEO and co-founder Ali Mahvan on startups – BoldTV

Sharebert CEO and co-founder, Ali Mahvan, is a featured guest on BoldTV! Mahvan explains the Sharebert shopping app, how to start a company, how to raise funding for your business, and some of the struggles and what its like to run a tech startup as a Millennials in 2017.

The show is hosted by personality David Grasso of GenFKD, an advocacy organization fighting for millennial first reforms in education and the economy, and Former US Treasury Attache (to Saudi Arabia), Morgan Ortagus who jokingly said, “I’d like to invest when this [interview] is over” to Mahvan during the live show.

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Sharebert Co-Founder Ali Mahvan featured in Inc. Magazine – 6 Ideas to Kick Off the New Year w...

Sharebert Co-founder and CEO, Ali Mahvan, was featured in an Inc. Magazine article outlining his take on aligning with customer’s goals coming into the new year. An excerpt of his thoughts on helping consumers was simply put:

“Align with your customers’ goals.
“Many of your customers are pursuing their own transformations through New Year’s resolutions, whether they intend to get in better shape or make more of their time,” says Ali Mahvan, CEO and co-founder of mobile shopping app Sharebert. To make sure your company is staying top of mind, think about aligning your marketing efforts with the goals your customers are pursuing.

“Try to align with your customers’ goals and aspirations rather than your own. Be the coach that helps them run that extra quarter mile or free up extra family time each week. Be a branded go-to part of their goals,” suggests Mahvan.”

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