This Shopping Site is like a Curated Artisan Crafts Show Online

Remember the days when you could spend a weekend navigating the winding back roads of upstate New York? What seemed like endless farmlands and greenery whisked by your window and you smelled the crisp country air as you headed to one of the paramount artisan craft shows.
Only at these quaint meetups could you find the rarest selection of local artisan talent…until now. Enter HandmadeTag, a hand curated marketplace of ecological, low environmental impact artisan talent, and a powerhouse of social change. HomemadeTag flips the game on its head. The platform offers a way for boutique artisan talent to reach an entire marketplace of buyers, and–most impressively, its completely free for the artists.

So, how important is it really to empower local artists for social change? Well, between 1998 and 2015 the arts and culture sector’s contribution to GDP grew by a massive 40%. In fact, as of 2018 the arts sector contributes over $763 billion to the US economy. Couple figures like those with the fact that HandmadeTag is focusing on artisans that will leave the lightest global footprint, and you’ve got a catalyst for massive change.

One of the biggest challenges up and coming artists are faced with is costs. The retail cost of supplies alone create unbalance in the community and make it difficult for new artists to feel empowered to create. Add in the cost of living, especially in a metropolis like New York City, and the idea of opening a private workspace or gallery at a cost well into the thousands-per-month becomes unthinkable. HandmadeTag is solving those problems for artists by providing a place for them to be discovered, as well as providing a way for them to generate revenue without huge overhead, as selling is actually free.

Over the next few years with the growth of the platform, expect hundreds, if not thousands of artists to find their way into the mainstream. If you’re a young artist seeking to expand your horizons or a supporter of the arts interested in changing the world and leaving less of a footprint, even one unique piece at a time, I highly recommend you check out HandmadeTag.com.